Accessories part is the "skin" of our project. Here, you will gain no sort of attention in-game. However, you could purchase hats, masks, and glasses to make your character look unique. Having the same leader as everyone else, in a limited amount of leaders to pick from, means that the leader with your unique accessories will be hard to come by.
It allows you to be the only player with that set of combination of weapon, armor, accessories on that specific leader. In a world where the more unique and rare your NFT is, the more valuable it becomes, having the most unique style that nobody else has, would mean you would be holding onto a character that would be very valuable.
Plus, as always with any game that includes this feature, it will also allow the project to grow some income, which will be used for donating to nations thorn apart by war. Not only you will look cool, but you would be saving the world while looking cool doing it. What more can anyone want?