This is the life saver that every leader would need in a battle. It allows the characters to boost their HP and have a higher chance during a fight.
Anyone who has ever played a shooting game would know how many times people survive with a few HP points left. Adding an armor would mean the difference between losing, and winning.
Each armor will have a different style, some serious, some not so serious and for the looks. Each will also have different amount of HP to the characters. You could also design it the way you want.
Armor could be styled together with accessories. This will allow your character to look fly while killing enemies as well. So the added benefit of HP will come with armor that could be used as fashion statement as well. Enough with the toga for Caesar, or maybe you want Trump in a steel plate? The only thing that stops you is your imagination (and also the selections we offer).
Let your character suit up, and be better prepared for the upcoming war, they spent billions on military contract for soldiers, what will you spend to save your character?