How To Play

The game is a simple 2D platform game. You will acquire one NFT to pick any leader you want. With that NFT you will have the chance to start a new fight or join one that already exists.
In the game there will be maps of 2D platforms where you will jump, move right or left, using your keyboard, also you will see weapons, grenades and armors through the map and pick them up by going over them, you will also use your mouse to aim and click left button to shoot other leaders in order to kill them. The person with the highest score at the end of each game, will get the most PWS tokens for that game.
There will be 3 types of NFT cards to play in the game. Common card which will have 100 HP, Rare one that has 150 HP and Legendary cards which will have 200 HP. The cards will not have defensive or offensive stats, that will be based on the weapons and armors you will use. So a Common card with a great weapon could still be very dangerous towards a Legendary card with a bad/no weapon. In order to level the playing field.
There are no limits to which card would be able to yield what. All cards could use all accessories and weapons. Any armor, weapon or similar items could be used equally by all cards without exception.
You will need to connect your wallet in order to play, this will allow the system to know where it would be sending your reward. At the end of each period, your PWS rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet address you use to play the game.