Each NFT card will come with a base weapon to play. However, if players would like to have any power ups, they would be able to buy weapons from the market. This will mean that you could pick any style of weapon you prefer.
Pistols, machine guns, automatic rifles, snipers, bazookas and many more. Each will have a different style, different damage, reload time, and other stats that will be given to you before you buy them. This will allow people to design their strategy based on their weapon of choice.
Ammo will be reset after each game, there won't be any purchase of ammo, and players will always have their base weapon to go back to if they ever run out of ammo. You should be careful about the stats while picking a weapon. When you pick one that is powerful and hits hard, but slow to shoot again, your aim needs to be precise, if not the enemy would be able to shoot back at you easier. However, if you want some damage over none, you will be able to pick lesser damage but quicker shooting. A higher damage bazooka could be deadly when it hits, but a pistol that aims better could have the upper hand.
Gaius Julius Caesar with a bazooka? Why not. How about Obama finally whipping out a Desert Eagle? We know we would definite laugh if we see that. How about Napoleon getting a sniper as tall as himself? Talk about Napoleon syndrome. All in all, people could pick weapons not only based on the stats, and also how it looks with their choice of NFT character they play with as well.